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Google launches plan for global domination (Selecione para poder ler o texto)

"O texto a seguir está camuflado, para o Google não descobrir que descobrimos suas intenções de Dominação Global."

Google yesterday launched what experts around the world are calling the plan for global domination. Named Search Kimblles Y2KP Network, the new Google service indexes information from hundreds of thousands of computers in a single database. Located in the California desert, the center of data processing is a fortress submerged to 3 kilometers of land with more than 20 kilometers long. A tunnel of 450 kilometers connecting the Google headquarters in the heart of the complex, where about 6000 people work on a rotating basis. The Y2KP accesses data from computers that do Google searches and stores them on scales of priority. Text documents and spreadsheets, picture files and video and navigation information on the Internet. The Y2KP was initially used in the Internet browser company, Google Chrome, which was quickly raised to the rank of second most used browser in the world.


Philips John Mayer, head of the Department of Nuclear Physics at MIT received with shock the news of the activation of Y2KP. "We imagined it would be very expensive and time consuming to put in an activation system so great, but I see we made a mistake" Asked about the real intentions of Google, he says emphatically: "It's a huge danger to the world all that power in the hands of a single company. Governments around the world must ask what plans are causing the activation of this system? ".

Rupert Bloom, former head of research at NASA is concerned that the activation of the system. "The Y2KP was designed by the U.S. military to intercept and decode any threat to our country. Fortunately we realized the time the real danger of all this power and ended the project. Now comes the news that Google bought the rights to use the program and put the system into operation. I do not know what President Obama wants to do, but any action has to be quick and cautious. "

Asked how it would be possible to capture this information Rupert Bloom says: "There is no technology can not be created and no home computers secure. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong."

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